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Serving furniture industry with Particle Board- an excellent alternative to plywood & conventional wood

About Us

DMK Particleboard LLP is a most promising company in the field of re-cycling agricultural waste. Mr. Milan, the Director and Promoter, started the company with a mission to re-use the waste and develop something usable out of it. Agricultural and wood waste, like coconut shell waste, rice husk, cotton stalk, sawmill shavings, saw dust, wood chips, etc., can be used for making Particle Board. The making process involves these waste and a strong binder resin. Not many of people are aware of the fact that they are surrounded by things that are made from particle board. The usage of this board encompasses from furniture, partitions, packaging boxes to photo lamination.

Our 2016 established company from Morbi, Gujarat (India) manufactures Plain Particle Board, Pre Laminated Particle Board, Wood Based Plain Particle Board, and Wood Based Pre Laminated Particle Board. The Manufacturer & Supplier has a manpower of 70 employees, all dedicated to serving company with their efforts and dedication towards their work.

Manufacturing of Particle Board

Our personnel collect the  agricultural and wood waste from farmers, saw mills and other factories in the fields of agro products processing and wood processing. The waste collected undergo few processes, like grinding and screening. For the core layer of board, we use unscreened waste and mix it with resin. For the face layer of the board, screened waste is mixed with firming agent. The resins used for making the boards are many, depending upon the features that are to be added in the product.

The boards can be made waterproof, if phenol formaldehyde or urea melamine resin is added to bond the agro or wood waste. We also use formaldehyde based resins for making plain particle boards. The mixture of resin and particles are molded into sheets and then these sheets are hot-compressed. The hot- compression process involves applying specific pressure and setting a specific temperature to set and harden the bond. Once the boards cool down, these undergo trimming and sanding processes. To improve the visual appeal of these boards, the buyers, specifically furniture makers, apply wood veneer or laminate surface upon it.

For the execution of complete process, we have equipped our production unit with tools and following machinery:

  • Hydraulic Hot Press                  
  • Blender (mixer)
  • Aluminium or Steel Plates
  • Mat Formation Machine
  • DD Saw Machine
  • Dryer
  • Screening Machine
To keep our production unit up and running, even at times of power cuts, we have installed Power Generator Set.